Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Everything!!!

My blog has been changed completly around. The new background, new page for my patterns, its completly different from what I started with. My other blog is about a completly different subject now (link is at the bottom). And I have decided to knit scarves, crochet blankets, crochet mats (for animals of course), and, if someone will drive me, I'm going to help out at the animal shelter.
You know, instead of crocheting coasters and donating the money. Since I'm going to be making big things like blankets and mats most of the money will be for yarn. I was planning on keeping only a little anyway.
Oh! Did I ever say that the other day I went out and sold my coasters? Well, I did. I made twenty something dollars too!
Wow my hands are tired! Well, I'll post more tomorow. Oh and be sure to comment saying how you like my blogs.
Keep on crocheting! Have fun! See ya later! Well, no I won't! Bye now!

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