Friday, July 29, 2011

Guess What!

Guess what you can do to your old clothes? Crochet on them! Crochet around the bottom if your clothes are getting too short. Crochet on the sleeves and collars for a new look. Crochet motifs to sew onto your old clothes and spice them up a bit. All you have to do is cut small holes around the sleeve, collar, or bottom of the cloth. Then just crochet in the holes. I've done it more than once. Try it out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Look

Hey guys and girls! Do you like my blog? It has a brand new look. I have a list of blogs that I like visiting and a new background. I'll be posting more websights I like to visit and patterns. Happy crocheting!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I Forgot How to Knit!

I used to just crochet. Next I learned knitting. Then I was obsessed with crochet again and I only knitted the few projects I had going on. When I finished those I just stopped knitting and I only crocheted. Now I don't know how to knit anymore! I tried earlier today and it was to much trouble to even cast on! Do any of you know how to knit and crochet? Which do you like better? Has this happened to you? If you want to learn how to knit go here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crochet Abbreviations

You're going to need to know these abbreviations if you're going to crochet. When you read a pattern you will see them all over the place. Here they are:

Yo = yarn over (wrap the yarn around the hook)
Ch = chain
St or sts = stitch or stitches
Sc = single crochet
Hdc = half double crochet
Dc = double crochet
Tc = triple crochet
Dec = decrease
Inc = increase

I think that's about it. If you want to know any more abbreviations I haven't listed please comment.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to Change Colors in Crochet

Ok, here's how to change colors. Do the stitch you're working on half way. That means leave the last two loops on the hook. Get the color you want to go next. Wrap the new color around the hook and pull it through. Oh! You have to cut the old yarn first, leaving about an inch to crochet over. Now just crochet over the ends with the new color. Practice changing colors.
I'll post the first pattern next. I bet you're exited! I know I am!

Hook Sizes and Yarn Weights

Some Crochet hooks are bigger than others, therefore they make bigger stitches. Smaller Crochet hooks make smaller stitches. Big hooks are recommended for beginners. Small hooks can be used with thin yarn but they're not really for thick yarn. Big hooks on the other hand can be used for thick or thin yarn. You should start off with a big hook and some not-to-thick yarn. Once you are comfortable with Crocheting you can start using smaller hooks and thinner yarn. I'm not saying you absolutly have to go by the instructions when you use a pattern, I'm just saying you should experiment with different kinds of yarn and different hook sizes. If you use a bigger hook than the pattern said you should the thing you make will probably be bigger. If you want to know more about yarn weights go here.
If you want to know more about hook sizes go